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Child Fitness Tax Credit

Child Fitness Tax Credit

Each year at the banquet, we give out some hardware to recognize many individuals for their effort and involvement on and off the ice.

League Champions

1972 - 1973TykeRotary Club
  JuniorBen Grys
  SeniorMcLellans Jewellers
1973 - 1974 TykeAnderson's Picture Framing
  JuniorBen Grys
  SeniorClub Kingsway
1974 - 1975 TykeAnderson's Picture Framing
  JuniorAvalon Paving
  SeniorMcLellans Jewellers
1975 - 1976 TykeBloor Meat Market
  JuniorToronto Dominion Bank
  SeniorMcLellans Jewellers
1976 - 1977TykeAnderson's Picture Framing
  JuniorEd Ziemba
  SeniorMcLellans Jewellers
1977 - 1978 TykeWest Toronto Optimist Club
  JuniorRotary Club
  SeniorMcLellans Jewellers
1978 - 1979 TykeSwansea Legion
  JuniorToronto Dominion Bank
  SeniorButler Shoes
1979 - 1980 AtomAnderson's Picture Framing
  Pee WeeSwansea B. P.
  BantamLackies Marina
  MidgetMcLellans Jewellers
1980 - 1981 AtomWest Toronto Optimist Club
  Pee WeeMr. Grocer
  BantamLackies Marina
  MidgetClub Kingsway
1981 - 1982 AtomBloor Meat Market
  Pee WeeSwansea B.P.
  BantamBloor West Village Esso
  MidgetButler Shoes
1981 - 1982 Atom Devries and Davidson
  Pee WeeSwansea Legion
  BantamGregory Smith
  MidgetButler Shoes
1983 - 1984 Atom Devries and Davidson
  Pee WeeMr. Grocer
  BantamBloor West Village Esso
  MidgetMcLellans Jewellers
1983 - 1984 Atom Devries and Davidson
  Pee WeeMr. Grocer
  BantamBloor West Village Esso
  MidgetMcLellans Jeweller
1984 - 1985 Atom Devries and Davidson
  Pee Wee Bloor Meat Market
  BantamSam's Auto
  MidgetMcLellans Jewellers
1985 - 1986 AtomRoyal Lepage
  Pee WeeSwansea Legion
  BantamBloor West Village Esso
  MidgetMcLellans Jewellers
1986 - 1987 AtomPazek Auto
  Pee WeeSwansea Legion
  BantamBloor West Village Esso
  MidgetQueensway Auto
1987 - 1988 AtomPazek Auto
  Pee WeeBloor Meat Market
  BantamBloor West Village Esso
  MidgetQueensway Auto
1988 - 1989 AtomSwansea Legion
  Pee WeeRunnymede United Church
  BantamGregory Smith
 MidgetProcess Graphics
1989 - 1990 AtomPazek Auto
  Pee WeeRunnymede United Church
  BantamGregory Smith
  MidgetKingsway National
1990 - 1991 AtomJeffs Original
  Pee WeeSwansea Legion
  BantamSouthside Realty
  MidgetAirborn Marketing
1991 - 1992 AtomBrothers Plumbing
  Pee Wee Mr. Grocer
  BantamSouthside Realty
  MidgetToronto Hockey Repair
1992 - 1993 AtomPazek Auto
  Pee WeeWindermere Saints
  BantamInternational Software
  MidgetSwansea Legion
1993 - 1994 AtomRoyal Lepage
  Pee WeeMr. Grocer
  BantamKelly Renovations
  MidgetFalafel World
1994 - 1995 AtomKingsway Family Restaurant
  Pee WeeRennies No Frills
  BantamBlueberry Hill
  MidgetFalafel World
1995 - 1996 AtomBloor Meat Market
  Pee Wee Maypole Ice Cream
  BantamCecil Ward
 MidgetMike's Melodies
2001 - 2002NoviceRoofworks
  AtomStrickly Bulk
  Pee WeeTrimble
  BantamThe Fan
2002 - 2003NoviceCecil Ward
  Pee WeeJanet Pause
  BantamPMA Landscape
2003 - 2004NoviceHalling Electric
  AtomValue Mart
  Pee WeeDupont Rad
  BantamVesuvios Pizza
2004 - 2005NoviceHalling Electric
  Minor AtomSwansea Legion
  AtomRennie's No Frills
  Pee WeeWest Toronto Paint Wallpaper
  BantamVesuvios Pizza
2005 - 2006NoviceRoofworks
  AtomSwansea Legion
  Pee WeeBloor Meat Market
  BantamTurnbull's Royal LePage
2006 - 2007NoviceQuinn Dressel
  Minor AtomRoofworks
  AtomWest Toronto Paint and Wallpaper
  Pee WeeByte TV
  BantamLoumic Technologies
2007 - 2008NoviceGreat Lakes Brewery
  Minor AtomScotia Bank
  AtomWest Toronto Paint Wallpaper
  Pee WeeFalafel Waorld
  BantamLoumic Technologies
2008 - 2009NovicePazek Auto
  Minor AtomWest Toronto Paint and Wallpaper
  Pee WeePivot
  BantamDupont Rad
2009 - 2010NoviceI.S.P.
  Minor AtomWest Toronto Paint Wallpaper
  AtomRoyal Lepage
  Pee WeePivot
  BantamMaypole Ice Cream
2010 - 2011NoviceRoofworks
  Minor AtomRoyal Lepage
  AtomQuinn Dressel
  Pee WeeWest Toronto Paint Wallpaper
  BantamBehind The Scenes "Goonies"
2011 - 2012NoviceRoofworks
  Minor AtomMcYellow
  AtomHypno Healing
  Pee WeePizzaville
  BantamPazek Auto
2012 - 2013NoviceRoofworks
  Minor AtomM.F. Plumbing
  AtomPazek Auto
  Pee WeePivot Sport Medicine and Orthopaedics
  BantamFalafel World
2013 - 2014NovicePlay It Again Sports
  Minor AtomMcDonalds Yellow
  AtomSwansea Dark Knights
  Pee WeeWest Toronto Paint and Wallpaper
  BantamFalafel World
2014 - 2015NoviceBloor West Dental
  Minor AtomBloor West Village Real Estate
  AtomBosley Real Estate
  Pee WeeWest Toronto Paint and Wallpaper
  BantamFalafel World


1972 - 1973 TykeMost Valuable Goalie E. Navs
JuniorMost Valuable Goalie S. Posivy
SeniorMost Valuable Goalie S. Dinnarr
1973 - 1974 TykeMost Valuable GoalieL. Spratt
JuniorMost Valuable GoalieJ. Scolaro
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieS. Prapavecus
1974 - 1975 TykeMost Valuable GoalieC. Uyeda
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieS. Prapavecus
1975 - 1976 TykeHigh ScorerS. Podsadecki
TykeMost Valuable Player T. Morton
TykeMost Valuable Goalie D. McMillan
TykeMost ValuableD. Jushba
JuniorMost Valuable GoalieJ. Scolaro
JuniorMost Sportsman-like Player G. Jenkins
SeniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerR. Vallabh
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieD. Stinson
1976 - 1977 TykeHigh ScorerS. Podsadecki
TykeMost Valuable Player M. MacDonald
TykeMost Valuable Goalie G. Rajic
TykeMost Sportsman-like PlayerN. Polous
JuniorMost Valuable Goalie T. Szuczucki
JuniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerB. Steinmanis
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieD. Stinson
SeniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerA. Williams
1977 - 1978 TykeHigh ScorerD. Hinchcliffe
TykeMost Valuable Player C. Vardy
TykeMost Valuable Goalie M. Burak
TykeMost Sportsman-like PlayerT. Flood
JuniorMost Valuable GoalieT. Hann
JuniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerA. Walker
SeniorMost Valuable Goalie D. Stinson
SeniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerS. Casey
1978 - 1979 TykeHigh ScorerM. Wolfson
TykeMost Valuable PlayerM. Bentley
TykeMost Sportsman-like PlayerT. Wilson
JuniorMost Valuable GoalieJ.P. Musico
JuniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerR. Kuzyk
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieD. Giezen
SeniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerR. Charbon
1979 - 1980 TykeHigh ScorerM. Bentley
TykeMost Valuable PlayerL. Camilleri
TykeMost Valuable GoalieM. Burak
TykeMost Sportsman-like PlayerA. Morton
JuniorMost Valuable GoalieD. Auger
JuniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerD.J. Garrick
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieT. Szczucki
SeniorMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Rosiek
1980 - 1981 TykeHigh ScorerM. Bentley
TykeMost Valuable PlayerS. Sammut
TykeMost Valuable GoalieD. Craddock
JuniorMost Valuable GoalieM. Burak
SeniorMost Valuable GoalieT. Szczucki
1981 - 1982 AtomHigh ScorerR. Moldowa
AtomMost Valuable PlayerD. Pinkney
AtomMost Valuable GoalieK. Thomas
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerP. Smith
Pee WeeHigh ScorerD. Prochnicki
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerD. Reimer
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieD. Patterson
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerP. McCarthy
BantamHigh ScorerG. Doucette
BantamMost Valuable PlayerN. Polous
BantamMost Valuable GoalieB. Hawkins
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerW. Power
MidgetHigh ScorerR. Jardine
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerK. Brown
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieA. Alberts
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. Williams
1982 - 1983 AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerT. McDonald
Pee WeeHigh ScorerD. Pinkney
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerM. Fedoryk
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieD. Patterson
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Elia
BantamMost Valuable GoalieP. Meier
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerS. Sammut
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerP. Drown
1983 - 1984 AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerB. Cape
Pee WeeHigh ScorerC. Howe
Pee WeeMost Valuable Player D. Pinkney
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieK. Spiteri
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerK. Thomas
BantamHigh ScorerA. Taylor
BantamMost Valuable PlayerS. Sammut
BantamMost Valuable GoalieB. Skeard
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerS. Jeffery
MidgetHigh ScorerK. Thompson
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerR. Kuzyk
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieB. Missios
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Wilson
1984 - 1985 AtomHigh ScorerS. Lackey
AtomMost Valuable PlayerJ. Kramer
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerK. Nishimura
Pee WeeHigh ScorerJ. Polous and P. Kelly
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerR. Dixon
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieA.Mihelbergel
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Howe
BantamHigh ScorerM. Slater
BantamMost Valuable GoalieA. Mihelbergel
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerS. Jeffery
MidgetHigh ScorerM. McDonald
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerC. Teliatnik
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieB. Missios
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Vardy
1985 - 1986 AtomHigh ScorerK. MacAuley
AtomMost Valuable PlayerL. Jones
AtomMost Valuable GoalieD. Mossington
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerT. Chmielinski
Pee WeeHigh ScorerC. Howe
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerR. Dixon
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieA.Mihelbergel
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerD. Hill
BantamHigh ScorerS. Jeffery
BantamMost Valuable PlayerF. Kim
BantamMost Valuable GoalieS. Young
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Jannise
MidgetHigh ScorerA. Taylor
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerC. Vardy
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieD. Williams
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. Clasper
1986 - 1987 AtomHigh ScorerG. Dunn
AtomMost Valuable PlayerN. Carmichael
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerL. Carty
Pee WeeHigh ScorerJ. Kramer
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerG. Ashurst
Pee WeeMost Valuable Goalie0D. McMillan
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerB. Shaw
BantamHigh ScorerG. McCarthy
BantamMost Valuable PlayerC. Howe
BantamMost Valuable GoalieW. Legon
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Voelker
MidgetHigh ScorerA. Taylor
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerS. Baker
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieT. Flood
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Morton
1987 - 1988 AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. Rutherford
Pee WeeHigh ScorerG. Gonzales-Lomes
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerL. Jones
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieW. Careyhill
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerK. MacAuley
BantamHigh ScorerC. Howe
BantamMost Valuable PlayerA. Kucharski
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Graydon
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieR. Hynes
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerN. Green
1988 - 1989 AtomHigh ScorerE. Burling
AtomMost Valuable PlayerJ. Aishford
AtomMost Valuable GoalieA. Levett
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. Abell
Pee WeeHigh ScorerL. Jones
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerC. Illanes
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieY. Piron-Chen
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerD. Penny
BantamHigh ScorerD. Bergeron
BantamMost Valuable PlayerA. Smith
BantamMost Valuable GoalieD. McMillan
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerG. Shaw
MidgetHigh ScorerS. Jeffery
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerM. Chisolm
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieK. Spiteri
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. J. Hunt
1989 - 1990 AtomHigh ScorerJ. Aishford
AtomMost Valuable PlayerJ. Grossi
AtomMost Valuable GoalieC. Dawydiuk
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerG. Smith
Pee WeeHigh ScorerE. Burling
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerE. Oest
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieA. Keen
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerR. Bain
BantamHigh ScorerA. French
BantamMost Valuable PlayerD. Wilson
BantamMost Valuable GoalieD. McMillan
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerD. Eva
MidgetHigh ScorerD. Baugh
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerJ. J. Hunt
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieK. Spiteri
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Graydon
1990 - 1991 AtomHigh ScorerG. Aishford
AtomMost Valuable PlayerG. Young
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerA. Smith
Pee WeeHigh ScorerA. Levett
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerS. Sinclair
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieA. Keen
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerI. McElcheran
BantamHigh ScorerM. MacDougall
BantamMost Valuable PlayerA. Turner
BantamMost Valuable GoalieM. Samulowski
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Laux
MidgetHigh ScorerW. Bilyj
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerM. Zukorsky
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieA. French
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Sealey
1991 - 1992 AtomHigh ScorerG. Ashford
AtomMost Valuable PlayerM. Fox
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Ostler
Pee WeeHigh ScorerJ. Mehisto
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerI. Soares
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieC. Sullivan
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Langins
BantamHigh ScorerS. Spiteri
BantamMost Valuable PlayerL. Mardy
BantamMost Valuable GoalieM. Samulowski
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerC. Laux
MidgetHigh ScorerR. Johnson
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerC. Howe
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieP. Benoit
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerK. Abell
1992 - 1993 AtomHigh ScorerG. Hall
AtomMost Valuable PlayerT. Perry
AtomMost Valuable GoalieK. Smeenk
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerT. Savage
Pee WeeHigh ScorerG. Smith
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerM. Fagen
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieJ. Overholt
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. Ainslie
BantamHigh ScorerC. Dymond
BantamMost Valuable PlayerJ. Riffle
BantamMost Valuable GoalieM. Chorny
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerE. Crummey
MidgetHigh ScorerR. Johnson
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerA. Pillot
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieA. Wersphan
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerJ. Steward
1993 - 1994 AtomHigh ScorerM. James
AtomMost Valuable PlayerM. Pratt
AtomMost Valuable GoalieS. Waloszczyk
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerB. Woon
Pee WeeHigh ScorerJ. Ainslie
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerP. Langins and J. Clark
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerP. Jermyn
BantamHigh ScorerA. Eng
BantamMost Valuable PlayerS. Hutchinson
BantamMost Valuable GoalieB. Hemsley
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerK. Suter-Watkin
MidgetHigh ScorerP. Ried and D. Wilson
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerJ. Armstrong
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieM. Samulowski
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerB. Cape
1994 - 1995 AtomHigh ScorerJ. Dloughy
AtomMost Valuable PlayerK. Ostler
AtomMost Valuable GoalieJ. French
AtomMost Sportsman-like PlayerM. Gough
Pee WeeHigh ScorerM. Abell
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerJ. Arnott
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieG. Weir
Pee WeeMost Sportsman-like PlayerP. Jermyn
BantamHigh ScorerA. Levy
BantamMost Valuable PlayerA. Chalmers
BantamMost Valuable GoalieG. Haivarlis
BantamMost Sportsman-like PlayerE. Dymond
MidgetHigh ScorerL. Chionis
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerR. Berry
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieM. Samulowski
MidgetMost Sportsman-like PlayerA. Berne
1995 - 1996 AtomHigh ScorerS. Pierce
AtomMost Valuable PlayerJ. Cooper
AtomMost Valuable GoalieJ. French
AtomMost Improved PlayerA. Rowe-Jardine
Pee WeeHigh ScorerM. Pratt
Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerE. Fagan
Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieI. Manson
Pee WeeRookieA. Langford
BantamHigh ScorerJ. Hruczkowski
BantamMost Valuable PlayerJ. M. Iannoni
BantamMost Valuable GoalieQ. Ng
BantamRookieR. Dlouhy
MidgetHigh ScorerC. Dymond
MidgetMost Valuable PlayerW. Careyhill
MidgetMost Valuable GoalieR. MacLean
MidgetRookieA. Levy
1999 - 2000 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieAlexander Rebchuk
NoviceHigh ScorerAlec Freed
NoviceMost Improved Player Jordan Tingle
NoviceMost Valuable Player Corey Trinetti
AtomMost Valuable GoalieCody Flood
 AtomHigh ScorerJosh Klimuk
 AtomMost Improved PlayerMichael Warren Sonosky
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerDevon Mitchell
 AtomMost Valuable DefencemanStephen Keefe
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieJohn Tak & Kody Melo
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerMax Zakrewski
 Pee WeeMost Improved PlayerMatthew Rhymer
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerZack Szymczyk
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefencemanOlin Reid
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieAlan Saavedra
 BantamHigh ScorerCraig MacGregor
 BantamMost Improved PlayerChris Madill
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerGeorge Tsakopoulos
 BantamMost Valuable DefencemanMark Abell
2001 - 2002NoviceMost Valuable GoalieBryan Perez
 NoviceHigh ScorerStachel Diorio
 NoviceMost Valuable PlayerKyle Overholt
 NoviceMost SportsmanlikeJeremy Moye
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieTanner Alkins
 AtomHigh ScorerMarkus Kuksis
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerDustin Moore
 AtomMost Valuable DefencemanSimon Burke
 AtomMost SportsmanlikeBrad Dreimanis
 PeeweeMost Valuable GoalieJohn Tak
 PeeweeHigh ScorerGillian Gough
 PeeweeMost Improved PlayerJohn McGill
 PeeweeMost Valuable PlayerAlex Pow
 PeeweeMost Valuable DefencemanAndrew Kim
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieAndrew So
 BantamHigh ScorerJames Mahisto
 BantamMost SportsmanlikeSeweryn Artynowycz
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerRoss Anderson
 BantamMost Valuable DefencemanPhillip Smardenka
2002 - 2003NoviceMost Valuable GoalieTyler Whealy
 NoviceHigh ScorerBradley Allen
 NoviceMost SportsmanlikeLiam Kerr
 NoviceMost Valuable PlayerJackson Parker
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieConnor Lewis
 AtomHigh ScorerZachary Kotowych
 AtomMost Improved PlayerChris Warren
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerSimon Burke
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanJordan Tingle
 PeeweeMost Valuable GoalieRhys Bambrick
 PeeweeHigh ScorerEvan Bugden
 PeeweeMost Improved PlayerPaul Kulinek
 PeeweeMost Valuable PlayerMichael Wells
 PeeweeMost Valuable DefensemanMichael-Warren Sonosky
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieJohn Tak
 BantamHigh ScorerDavid Pakulski
 BantamMost SportsmanlikeTom Halina
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerJohn McGill
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanSteve Sorbara
2003 - 2004NoviceMost Valuable PlayerAlex Maleiner
 NoviceHigher ScorerAnthony Zerafa-Farrugia
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerSophie Flitt
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanJoe Barbosa Jr.
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieJacob Zarubica
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerSatchel Diorio
 AtomHigh ScorerBradley Allen
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerNicholas Blasiak
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanJeremy Moye
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieDavid Poot
 Peewee Most Valuable Player Jason Kirsh
 PeeweeHigh ScorerJeffrey Alkins andDavid Evans
 PeeweeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerStefan Shena
 Peewee Most Valuable DefensemanJason Masters
 PeeweeMost Valuable GoalieKyle Bongard
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerJohn McGill
 BantamMost Valuable DefnesemanNicholas Lindon
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieKody Melo
2004 - 2005NoviceHigh ScorerAiden Halling
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerJoe Barbosa Jr.
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerTerran Santillan
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanMatthew Voight
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieMatthew Edmonds
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerKai Pepin
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerAugie Riik
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerBrennan Jackson
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanEmma Pirie
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieKevin Karnat
 AtomHigh ScorerJordan Dell'erede
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerSatchel Diorio
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJustin Kebodeaux
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanAaron Stirtzinger-Bell
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieLiam Stanfield
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerPeter Valente
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerAndrew Rose
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJeffery Alkins
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanMichael Nowacki
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieJoachim Tingle
 BantamHigh ScorerAlex Pow
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerAdam Stirtzinger- Bell
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerFraser Melvin
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanMichael Wells
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieChris Doherty
2005 - 2006NoviceHigh ScorerDavid Clarke
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerNicholas Thompson-Persaud
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJake Foden
 NoviceMost Valuable Defensemannot awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieEric Jackson
 NoviceMost Improved PlayerCorbet Trollope
 AtomHigh ScorerAlex Maleiner and Byron Bookbinder
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerKai Pepin
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerCalum Bruton
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanMorgan Lewis
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieJohn Soares
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerSam Wright-Edwards
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerJordan Tingle
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerConnor Lewis
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanJason Masters
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieRobbie Whitten
 BantamHigh ScorerAlex Pow
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerCraig Knight and Graeme McIntosh
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerKen Quigley
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanOlin Reid
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieKody Melo
2006 - 2007NoviceHigh ScorerG.Bettio
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerZ.Nyers
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerZ.Hamilton
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanNot Awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieEric Jackson
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerC.Bruton
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerS.Bryant
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerD.Janossy
 Minor AtomMost Valuable Defenseman D.Cluett
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieNot Awarded
 AtomHigh ScorerA.Nolfi
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerKai Pepin
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerS.Holden-Ried
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanJ.Bell
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieJ.Soares
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerC.Lavin
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerJ.Tingle
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJ.Walden
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanA. Stirtzinger Bell
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieR.Whitten
 BantamHigh ScorerS.Walden
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerA.Rose
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerM.Cameron
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanC.McIntosh
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieR.Chung
2007 - 2008NoviceHigh ScorerC.Jan
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerN.Summers
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerD.Noble
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanNot Awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieM.Burak
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerM.Strychaluk
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerJ.Foden
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerT.Mather
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanN.Thompson-Persaud
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieN.Oberst
 AtomHigh ScorerJ.Feeney
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerC.Bruton
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerC.Jopling
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanJ Gaudet
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieK.Karnet
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerL.Grech
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerK.Pepin
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerH.Chalmers
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanE.Pirie
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieJ.Fleetham
 BantamHigh ScorerM.Casey
 BantamMost Valuable Player              J.Elliot
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerA.Smyka
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanA.Rose
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieL.McNally
2008 - 2009NoviceHigh ScorerZ.Bonello
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerM.Day
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJ.Buzwah and B.Tobin
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanNot Awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieE.Park
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerP.Oxtoby
 Minor AtomMost Valuable Player               C.Raitt
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJ.Trotter
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanP.Contreras
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieR.Cyrwus
 AtomHigh ScorerS.Gallero
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerB.Horbal
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerS.Miller
 AtomMost Valuable Defenseman M.Whittle
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieN.Oberst
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerC.Dunn
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerK.Pepin
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerN.Brummer
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanE.Pirie
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieJ.Saores
 BantamHigh ScorerD.Beemer
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerM.Evans
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJ.Alkins
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanR.Nakamura
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieJ.Fleetham
2009 - 2010NoviceHigh ScorerC.DePaul
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerM.Patterson
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerR.Kuhar
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanNot Awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieH.Torr Menegon
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerN.Summers
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerC.McGann
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerK.Bryant
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanP.Oxtoby
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieJ.Snell
 AtomHigh ScorerM.Norris
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerG.Bettio
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerT.Sidarous
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanH.Mathiesen
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieR.Cyrwus
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerM.Bucci
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerJ.Feeney
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerS.Buck
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanC.Jopling
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieC.Libbey
 BantamHigh ScorerS.Wright Edwards
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerG.Sokol
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerS.Curuso & S.Holdenried
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanJ.Elliot
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieL.McNally
2010 - 2011NoviceHigh ScorerR.Farndale
 Novice Most Valuable PlayerL.Majic
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerN.Merker -Myers
 NoviceMost Valuable DefensemanNot Awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable GoalieB.Dore-Waschtschuk
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerM.Smart
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerP.Milic
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerP.Bulut
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanJ.Rawski
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieJ.Snell
 AtomHigh ScorerM.Kapogines & N.Kapogines
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerG.Bettio
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerT.Sidarous
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanK.Jackson
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieS.Back
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerA.Jablonski
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerM.Whittle
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerB.Hoel
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanM.Ezman
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieJ.Quintyre
 BantamHigh ScorerR.Dunn
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerC.Nystrom
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJ.Newton
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanE.Lavin
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieJ.Soares
2011 - 2012No awards due to the shortened season
2012 - 2013NoviceHigh ScorerMitchell Richmond
 NoviceMost Valuable PlayerMekhi Pratt
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerRyan Lee
 NoviceMost Valuable Defensemannot awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable Goalienot awarded
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerDeven Saxena
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerJonah Harriman
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJessica Leamy
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanSebastian Archer Roussel
 Minor AtomMost Valuable Goalienot awarded
 AtomHigh ScorerDimitri Kolar
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerFinlay Gane
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerDamian Kerr
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanDenis Reynolds
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieColm Burrows
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerPhilippe Contreras
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerGabriel Bettio
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerMatthew Zhao
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanLuke Sutton
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieNathaniel Oberst
 BantamHigh ScorerEliot Lavin
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerByron Bookbinder
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerNicolette Pierozzi
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanJulian Bell
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieBrian Lee
2013 - 2014NoviceHigh ScorerAlbert Delcloo
 NoviceMost Valuable PlayerZachary Shaw
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerMarcus Ochrym
 NoviceMost Valuable Defensemannot awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable Goalienot awarded
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerNicklaus Bell
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerSam Kett
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerDan McDermott
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanSinead O'Neill King
 Minor AtomMost Valuable GoalieWilliam Canning
 AtomHigh ScorerAndrew Robinson
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerMatthew Milburn
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJeremie Simon
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanAndrew Petrusiw
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieDamian Kerr
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerBen Somers
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerOwen Robinson
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerJacob Fleischmann
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanEamon Gaudio
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieTeighan Mittal Mercer
 BantamHigh ScorerEmmet Kilkenny
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerMatthew Whittle
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerMatthew Patterson
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanCalum Jopling
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieTim Votruba
2014 - 2015NoviceHigh ScorerJordan Milburn
 NoviceMost Valuable PlayerArthur Gervais
 NoviceMost Sportsmanlike PlayerKaelen Trbovich
 NoviceMost Valuable Defensemannot awarded
 NoviceMost Valuable Goalienot awarded
 Minor AtomHigh ScorerRyan Lee
 Minor AtomMost Valuable PlayerTheodore Ochrym
 Minor AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerRobert Lumsden
 Minor AtomMost Valuable DefensemanKeelan Hughes
 Minor AtomMost Valuable Goalienot awarded
 AtomHigh ScorerNoah Smart
 AtomMost Valuable PlayerSinead O'Neil King
 AtomMost Sportsmanlike PlayerDaniel McDermott
 AtomMost Valuable DefensemanRachel Bliss
 AtomMost Valuable GoalieClaudio Simonis
 Pee WeeHigh ScorerMisha Thompson
 Pee WeeMost Valuable PlayerEvan Mok
 Pee WeeMost Sportsmanlike PlayerEthan Pelletier
 Pee WeeMost Valuable DefensemanAurelie Sinclair
 Pee WeeMost Valuable GoalieHudson Torr Menegon
 BantamHigh ScorerMiles Green
 BantamMost Valuable PlayerMalte Zumbansen
 BantamMost Sportsmanlike PlayerColin Henderson
 BantamMost Valuable DefensemanLucas Fasan
 BantamMost Valuable GoalieTeighan Mittal Mercer

Tim Flood

This is awarded to a player that has shown unfailing support and commitment to the Swansea Hockey Association and to the spirit for which it stands. This distinction is not awarded every year.

Year  Recipient
2005-2006  Olin Reid and John McGill
2006-2007  Mike Sonosky
2007-2008  not awarded
2008-2009  not awarded
2009-2010  Brennan Jackson
2010-2011  not awarded
2011-2012  not awarded
2012-2013  Jeremy Gaudet
2013-2014  not awarded
2014-2015  not awarded

10 Year Players

This award began in the 2005-2006 season to recognize players who have been involved in the house league program for 10 years.

Year  Recipient
2005-2006  John McGill
David Stenton
2006-2007  Kody Melo
Andy Sit
Fraser Melvin
Michael Wells
Patric Wood
Michael Warren Sonosky
Joachim Tingle
Ryan Hass
Jason Hicks
Mark Pirie
2007-2008  Jason Masters
Beau Melo
Stefan Shena
Tristan Uhlig
Graeme Clancy
2008-2009  Daniel Beemer
Sam Wright-Edwards
Jordan Dell'Erde
Jorgen Walden
Jordan Tingle
Nick Terebenac
2009-2010  M.Davis
2010-2011  B.Jackson
2011-2012  Sean Amadio
Julian Bell
Evan Davis
Jeremy Gaudet
Jeremy Neufeld
Marshall Oxtoby
Joshua Thompson-Persaud
Timothy Votruba
Connor Duggan
John Soares
John Steynor
Owen Thomas
William Votruba
2012-2013  Jake Feeney
Sam Gallaro
Daniel Janossy
Ameer Shaihk
Patrick Sherlock
Matthew Whittle
Nicholas Thompson-Persaud
Drake Fox
Byron Bookbinder
2013-2014  Lucas Fasen
Colin Henderson
Michael McQuiggan
Gabriel Bettio
Kyle Jackson
Nate Oberst
Theo Madill
Eamon Gaudio
Wylie McKinnon
2014-2015  Parker Oxtoby
J.P. Vesci

Gerry Waslyk

This award is given to an individual who volunteers as either a coach, a timekeeper, or an executive member.  Gerry Waslyk was a great friend of the league and worked for Parks and Recreation. Gerry was instrumental in keeping the league going in the early days with the donation of goalie equipment, referee's and the facility.

Year  Recipient
1990-1991  J.J. Hunt
1991-1992  Anne Burak
1992-1993  Gary Hinchcliffe
Bill Newhouse
Jan Steinmanis
Wing Armstrong
1993-1994  P. Russell
1994-1995  Irene & Tony Caputo
1995-1996  Anne Burak & Erick Mets
1996-1997  not awarded
1997-1998  not awarded
1998-1999  not awarded
1999-2000  John Abell & Jan Steimanis
2000-2001  not awarded
2001-2002  Gerald Masters
2002-2003  Chris Dymond
2003-2004  Jamie McGill
2004-2005  Paul Szczucinski
2005-2006  Ed O'hearn
2006-2007  not awarded
2007-2008  not awarded
2008-2009  not awarded
2009-2010  Kelli McNeil
2010-2011  Lousie Gaudet
2011-2012  not awarded
2012-2013  Robert Jackson
2013-2014  Bill Davis
2014-2015  Frank Centofanti
Doug Reeves
John Orenchuk

David H. Williams

The David H. Williams award is awarded to an individual, individuals, or a group who have made a significant contribution to the continued development of hockey in Swansea. This distinction is not awarded every year.

Year  Recipient
1988-1989  Kevin Flow
1989-1990  Dave Nyers
1990-1991  Al Teliatnik
1991-1992  City Of Toronto Parks & Recreation
1992-1993  Gary Hunt
1993-1994  not awarded
1994-1995  Francis Teliatnik
1995-1996  Kirk MacDonald
1996-1997  not awarded
1997-1998  not awarded
1998-1999  not awarded
1999-2000  Fraser Carmichael and Rick Riemer
2000-2001  not awarded
2001-2002  not awarded
2002-2003  not awarded
2003-2004  Dave Anderson
2004-2005  Tim Flood
2005-2006  not awarded
2006-2007  not awarded
2007-2008  not awarded
2008-2009  not awarded
2009-2010  Paul Szczucinski
2010-2011  not awarded
2011-2012  not awarded
2012-2013  Gerald Masters and Mergim Shena
2013-2014  not awarded
2014-2015  not awarded


This award is given to the coaches of the year in each division. The coach of the year award was renamed the Rick Reimer and Fraser Carmichael award for the 25 years of coaching and dedication that they gave to the Swansea Hockey Association.

Year  Recipient
1974-1975  R. Mills
1975-1976  G. Hinchcliffe
1976-1977  E. Bajon
1977-1978  E. Bajon & D. Spizarsky
1978-1979  J. Roche & T. Williams
1979-1980  J. MacDonald & T. MacDonald
1980-1981  J. Vardy & C. Hawkins
1981-1982  M. Mallia & O. Silva
1982-1983  E. Bajon, J. Roche & J. Wynnyk
1983-1984  K. Flow & B. Gilchrist
1984-1985  E. Bajon, J. Roche, R. Reimer &
F. Carmichael
1985-1986  K. MacDonald, T. Teeter &
D. Bentley
1986-1987  K. McNeil, L. Simms, K. Flow,
B. Gilchrist & J. Prochnicki
1987-1988  C. MacAuley, F. Steward,
G. Hinchcliffe & B. Nenhouse
1988-1989  J. Vardy
1989-1990  T. Caputo, J. Kelly. R Saylor &
L. Bookman
1990-1991  R. Saylor, D. Powell, T. Murphy &
D. Macdougall
1991-1992  P. Bolland, J. Grant & P. Szczucinski
1992-1993  B. Walton & J. Woon
1993-1994  S. Petrakovic, A. Smith, P. Bolland &
J. Grant
1994-1995  T. Ostler & M. McCart
1995-1996  E. Dymond & D. James
1999-2000  Gord Simpson, Daryl Moore,
Dave Anderson, Chris Dymond,
Peter Markou, Dave Auger &
James Rutherford
2001-2002  Steve Noble, Rob McConnell,
John Broer, Paul Szczucinski &
Chris Sonnen
2002-2003  Rob Allen and Garth Jopling,
Kelli McNeil, Lauris Kuksis and
Larry Poole
2003-2004  Peter Voight, Chris Ruhig,
Rob Whitten, Larry Thomas,
Steve Steynor, Tom Walden,
Meikel Zsemlye, Scott Pryde and John Bell
2004-2005  Mike Sonosky, Brian Edmonds,
Gerry Gaudet, Rob Jackson,
Allistair Sutherland, David James,
Alex Smardenka, Charles Knight,
Bill Davis and Lyle Fleetham
2005-2006  Kelli McNeil, Greg Madill 
Joel Feeney, P. Nichels
Gerald Masters, Kevin Beemer,
Tom Walden , John Bell
2006-2007  F.Carmichael, R.Reimer
J.Foden, T.Mayeur
P.Turkki, J.Duggan
A.Stirtzinger-Bell , R.Luft
Tom Walden
2007-2008  M.McGann
T.Jan, U.Jan
G.Gaudet, L.Gaudet
P.Turkki, J.Duggan
2008-2009  D.Noble, M.McGann
C.Copland, J.Feeney
D.Kwahan, K.Beemer
2009-2010  R.Saxena, J.Smart
P.Riel, D.Smith
M.McGann, J.Drake
B.Davis, G.Jopling
J.Steinmanis, L.Thomas, R.Anderson
2010-2011  M.Myers,S.Myers
D.Rhodes,J.Mckinnon, K Mok
2011-2012  not awarded due to the shortened season.
2012-2013  Glenn Dunphy, John Manning, Campbell Martin
Tim McGrenere, Dennis Tew, Tim Dingwell, John O'Brien
Bill Davis, Evan Davis, Jared Bell Kerr
Stacy Walton, Troy Wong
Jesse Dugan
2013-2014  Michael Montemurro, Peter Millan
Matthew Whittle, Chris Coady
Murray Fenech, Kelli McNeil, John Heinzl
Jeff Aishford, Brent Cossitt
Jan Steinmanis, Adam Stritzinger-Bell
2014-2015  Bohdan Stasiw, Ken Devlin, Steve Day
Peter Milan, Jan Hughes, Dominic Dowd
John Strods, Jeff Smart, Rahul Saxena
Glen Dunphy, Tom Carnegie
Jan Steinmanis, Greg Madill, Tim Mercer

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

To mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was created. Administered by The Chancellery of Honours, as part of the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General, it is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country and to honour individual Canadians for significant contributions and achievements.

Tim Flood was honoured with this award for his long-standing involvement with, and support of, skating and hockey in our community, beginning as a player at Swansea to being our president.

Congratulations Tim!

Thank You Very Much Tim!

MP Peggy Nash announces recipients of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

The Governor General of Canada: Diamond Jubilee Medal

The Governor General of Canada: Tim Flood Recipient Listing
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal